Elevate Enthesitis

Enthesitis, inflammation of tendons and ligaments where they attach to bone, hides beneath the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, disabling and damaging patients. Elevate Enthesitis aims to ease suffering by uncovering this firey foe.

Facts about axSpA

nr-axSpA, a painful rheumatologic condition, goes undetected for years. Monster in the Dark reveals this foe through awareness and education so that rheumatologists can end their patients’ suffering.

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Pharma Cheese
Ad Generator

We know you hate cheesy pharma ads. We all do, and that’s why Neon wants more people like you. So we created Pharma Cheese, our new cheesy ad generator. With just a few clicks, you can instantly generate a full-page pharma ad that stinks to high heaven. When potential job candidates see the Pharma Cheese bait on social media, they get to make a stinker too. And if they want to get in the door for an interview, they’ll have the opportunity to impress us with their clever critique of the cheesiness they just made. Stop by the shop.

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Brotherly love
Colorectal Cancer Alliance

The city of Philadelphia is known as the city of “Brotherly Love”. We capitalized on this moniker to address the issue that colon cancer kills approximately 50,000 Americans each year, but is one of the few cancers that is almost entirely preventable through proper screening. With colon cancer screening rates being notoriously low in Philadelphia, this campaign reinforced the urgency to screen, with a direct connection to the city itself. It was recognized on Ads of the World.

The 48th hour

Thousands of people are dying from hospital-acquired MRSA infections every year, which could be prevented with proper antibiotic care. Due to a growing resistance to antibiotics, the CDC recommends that all clinicians assess treatment no later than 48 hours after initiation. To raise awareness of this life-saving guideline, we brought the infection to life. This parallax microsite exposes the rapid growth of bacteria over those crucial first 48 hours, elevating the urgency and reinforcing the need to take action. It’s time to end antibiotic-resistant deaths and assess treatment in the 48th hour.

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Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is a rare disease affecting approximately 50,000 adults in the US. For too long, testing for AGHD was difficult, complex, and even worse, unsafe. Endocrinologists needed a simple, convenient, and accurate way to diagnose AGHD. Macrilen answered that need. Using the representation of Macrilen dissolving in water, we reveal Sherlock, who became the perfect partner in confirming the suspicion of AGHD. With Sherlock on the case, diagnosing AGHD became much simpler. Elementary, you might even say.

Max Dose
Pharmapalooza band

Our house band, Max Dose, took home gold at Pharmapalooza X, the 10th anniversary charity show for the Children's Hospital at Montefiore. Check out the killer set below.

Autism SOS
Pro bono

We partnered with the National Autism Association to help raise awareness for autism, by creating a screening tool to help parents guide the conversation with their child’s pediatrician.

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Flip Out
Pro bono

We paired up with Free to Breathe, a nonprofit organization made up of lung cancer survivors, advocates, researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders to create an attention-grabbing campaign aimed at saving lives.

Sandoz Inc.

For people struggling with opioid use disorder (OUD) or substance use disorder (SUD), a trigger or craving can strike at any moment. Their clinicians can’t always be there to help, but now reSET-O and reSET can be on hand 24/7 to keep them on the road to recovery. As the first and only prescription digital therapeutics for OUD and SUD, reSET-O and reSET needed campaigns that shined a light on the unique challenge of this epidemic. Set on a rural street in the early morning hours, the solitary image of a man with his back to the camera captures the tension of this moment. Will he relapse or reSET? Frenetic typography reveals his inner dialog as he contemplates using, while the orderly type showcases his newfound control because he can reach for reSET-O instead. For the reSET campaign, an urban street and female character are used to depict a demographic greatly impacted by substance abuse. This honest, arresting depiction of the 24/7 struggle of recovery helped clinicians see the value of this new treatment modality and its potential to save lives.

  • The 48th Hour (Vibativ) Manny Awards Finalist 2019
  • Sherlock (Strongbridge Biopharma) Global Awards Finalist 2018
  • Mid-Size Healthcare Agency MM&M Awards Silver Winner 2017
  • Flip Out Campaign (Free to Breathe) Creative Floor Awards Gold Winner 2017
  • The Skivolo Project (United Therapeutics) DTC Perspectives Gold Winner 2017 Best Disease Education Print Campaign Clio Health Bronze Award 2016 Disease Awareness Best Integrated Campaign Lions Health Shortlist 2016 Global Awards Finalist 2016
  • Pursue More Moments (Taiho Oncology) Global Awards Finalist 2018
  • The Patient Listening Project (Novartis Pharmaceuticals) MM&M Awards
    Shortlist 2015
    Best Use of Direct Marketing,
    Best Multichannel Campaign
    (Small Budget)
    Manny Awards
    Finalist 2015
    Best Self-Promotional Campaign
    Best Interactive Physician Campaign
  • Invokana Touchscreen
    Convention Experience
    (Janssen Pharmaceuticals)
    MM&M Awards
    Finalist 2015
    Best Use of Direct Marketing,
    Best Multichannel Campaign
    (Small Budget)
    Manny Awards
    Finalist 2015
    Best Digital Initiative for
    Healthcare Professionals
  • Best Self-Promotional Campaign Manny Awards
    Finalist 2015

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